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Dear Labby, we are what sociologist Erving Goffman call "total institutions," so much like prisons, concentration camps, convents, and some religious cults. I agree with you that military and seminary life is not for everyone; it takes extraordinary courage in the first place to make the choice,and that we breed a culture so distinct that we are often misunderstood by our public. We are similar in ways we re socialize seminarians/cadets by "stripping away the individual's current identity and stamping a new one in its place," and indeed ours are institutions that cause profound effects on attitudes and orientations to life of those who choose to be part of us, just as how your seminary experience has shaped you, and of those former cadets I know. Hidden curriculum is acknowledged as the socialization process of schooling. Accordingly, Drebeen 1968 argues that each student has different parental background and when each attends to school, he/she encounters the norms of schools that will prepare them to involve in the life of public spheres. He defines these norms as independence, achievement, universalism, and specificity and suggested that these norms are required to teach them in order to collaborate with modern industrial society.

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com, and there is a link youll see on screen that gets you to the bonus package. In your bonus package are a few special tools, including the same guide that the lie participants used. Is the devil after you?Do you have an angel on one shoulder and a little demon whispering into your other ear?This article gives insight into the trickster archetype character type so you can gain new perspective. You are a hero in the making, if you choose to accept the call to adventure. And just as life is messy all by itself on a calm sunny day, the heros journey is messier!Understanding this ultimately can serve you well rather than hurt you. It all depends upon y our perspective.

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First, Mr. Grahams and these other Melaniod gentlemens precautions are not an absolute guarantee that they or their sons will not experience the injustice of being profiled. I am professional who wears business attire most days, and I still have to watch over my shoulder. As for the comments on the apparel that we associate as thug attire, this becomes a double edge sword. While I do validate the wisdom of not making yourself a target. However, because I am not so far removed from current generations. To simply state that something like a hoodie, or any other urban apparel trend associates a young man with criminality is to subscribe to stereotypical thinking. Young African Americans have influenced popular culture so, that they are no longer the only ones expressing themselves through this style of dress. It is very possible to single out any other ethnicity, find a subculture of young people within the ethnic group that frequently engages in criminal activity, and then catalog common attire of that particular segment. After which, attribute the attire of that group to a criminal element. In summary it is sad that we no longer scrutinize injustice as a human issue but as an attire issue.

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