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So, in spite of Sheehans insistence that his preaching was central to his novel writing, there are here and there cracks in the edifice which allow shafts of real light to peek through. When OBrien founded the All for Ireland League in 1910, Sheehan supported his friends foray into independent nationalist politics, and penned two unsigned editorials for the AFIL newspaper, the Cork Free Press. These editorials A Forecast and a Review and The Lessons of the Hour contain much that was familiar to those who read the novels following on from his best selling Glenanaar. Yet again there is much to unpack from those editorials, which were in the modern parlance agenda setting perhaps in another post in the not too distant future!. By time time of his death in 1913, Sheehans message had become lost in the bluff, bluster and brinkmanship of the Third Home Rule Crisis and the militarisation of Irish society. Yet in this there were echoes of the post American Civil War period in Ireland, where drilling and brandishing of guns was a common, if covert, activity. Not long after the appearance of Kilmorna this new militarised Ireland was put on public display with the funeral of Jeremiah ODonovan Rossa, which coincidentally marked the first appearance of a new invigorated IRB. Padraig Pearses famous oration has been parsed to oblivion by historians and commentators, but there is an interesting passage immediately preceding the most oft quoted one:Our foes are strong and wise and wary; but strong and wise and wary as they are, they cannot undo the seeds sown by the young men of a former generation. And the seeds sown by the young men of 65 and 67 are coming to their miraculous ripening today. Pearse argued that it was only by bloodshed and self immolation that a better society could be created in Ireland. This was even if Home Rule had been achieved.

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The above being said, I also think it disrupted faculties staff cohesion and was not a positive for the system. I would never endorse eliminating the sick day accrual for STRS again. Gary, I agree that accumulating them isn't ideal and most people think more short term. Why not just give a bonus for not using them?Then in effect, if a teacher is not sick or doesn't organize right and takes a day off they could have worked, they'll know they're losing a potential bonus. Instead of 10% raises over 3 years, go with 6 but throw this in. Then it will be Gary, I agree that accumulating them isnt ideal and most people think more short term.

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Both really decomposed and fresh bark mulch. When I say fresh bark mulch I dont mean that mulch that just came off the tree. Most of the bark mulch that you buy has been piled up in the sawmill for some time so by the time we buy its not really fresh. Its just fresher than what I have in my existing pile. They do, but they need supplemental fertilizers. A good potting mix contains some nutrition, but it wont last long. We apply a slow release fertilizer as soon as we pot up our plants. I go into detail about this inside The Backyard Growers University. Topsoil will never drain good enough to be used in a potting mix. Putting potting soil in your potting mix is a huge mistake and your plants will hate you for it!Okay, thats it. Gotta run!I have a hot date with two donkeys.

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Desai, R. G. Newcomer, K. A. Iczkowski,Y. G. , et al. 2011. Identification of PRRT2 as the causative gene of paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesias. Brain 134, 34933501. Wilcox, R.

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