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Her career has included teaching in three colleges and working as a researcher, writer and editor for more than 20 years. Recruitment and selection is a proactive human resources approach to identifying and screening candidates for jobs. Primary benefits of effective recruitment and selection processes include a strong pool of applicants, accurate qualification screenings, proactive strategic alignment with company goals, reduced turnover and high morale. A planned recruitment effort includes identifying the best methods to connect with qualified applicants. Newspapers, company websites, job boards, broadcast media and career fairs are among the common recruitment methods. By putting your time and resources into the most efficient methods, you generate a larger and more qualified pool of applicants. The selection process focuses on applicants, interviews, tests and other mechanisms used to evaluate the qualifications and traits of candidates. While job interviews are a common and important means of evaluating applicants, the University of Oregon also suggests that work samples are valuable in many employee screening processes. For a graphic design job, candidates typically present portfolios of projects completed in school, internships or previous work experiences. These samples provide evidence of task completion and performance, which contributes to precision in hiring the best person for a role. Strategic human resources is a proactive approach to talent management when compared to traditional reactive or transactional HR systems, according to Forbes.

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Inexperienced with the festival circuit, they scramble to find somewhere, anywhere, to screen. The looser acceptance protocols can give filmmakers a false sense of success that allows them to display multiple laurels on their websites and posters which are largely meaningless to anyone but the filmmakers. ?"It was a nightmare. " That's how Mira Gibson described the premiere of her film "Warfield" at the Manhattan Film Festival last year. Certain it wouldn't be accepted at the New York Film Festival or Tribeca, the Brooklynite wanted to screen in the city and thought MFF would be a good fit. Editor's note: Manhattan Film Festival should not be confused with the Manhattan Short Film Festival, a completely separate organization. ?She submitted her film and entry fee through online service Withoutabox; when the film was accepted, Gibson hustled to put the final touches in post. About 10 weeks before the 2012 MFF, she sent "Warfield" in the form of a thumb drive, along with specs. When her big night arrived, Gibson was anxious?and not because she was about to unveil a film that she'd been hyping for months to her agent, manager, family, friends, cast and crew. The venue wasn't readymade for a movie premiere: That year, the festival was screening films at The Producer's Club, a Times Square space more suited for theater work. As the lights went down and the picture came up, Gibson was horrified.

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She talked about the opioid epidemic in this country. She said one misconception is that the problem is one which involves the youth of our country. However, the forty year old population is the one having the most difficulty with addiction. Our District Clubs are banding together to come up with ways to organize so that we together we can help in finding solutions to this problem. 2. Kyle Egress summarized the results from this years Vines of March fund raising event.

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8Any documents, communications or correspondence submitted by the parties or the arbitrators may be destroyed unless a party or an arbitrator requests in writing within a period fixed by the Secretariat the return of such documents, communications or correspondence. All related costs and expenses for the return of those documents shall be paid by such party or arbitrator. 1The President and the members of the Secretariat of the Court may not act as arbitrators or as counsel in cases submitted to ICC arbitration. 2The Court shall not appoint Vice Presidents or members of the Court as arbitrators. They may, however, be proposed for such duties by one or more of the parties, or pursuant to any other procedure agreed upon by the parties, subject to confirmation. 3When the President, a Vice President or a member of the Court or of the Secretariat is involved in any capacity whatsoever in proceedings pending before the Court, such person must inform the Secretary General of the Court upon becoming aware of such involvement. 4Such person must be absent from the Court session whenever the matter is considered by the Court and shall not participate in the discussions or in the decisions of the Court. 1By virtue of their capacity, the members of the Court are independent of the ICC National Committees and Groups which proposed them for appointment by the ICC World Council. 2Furthermore, they must regard as confidential, vis vis the said National Committees and Groups, any information concerning individual cases with which they have become acquainted in their capacity as members of the Court, except when they have been requested by the President of the Court, by a Vice President of the Court authorized by the President of the Court, or by the Courts Secretary General to communicate specific information to their respective National Committees or Groups. 1In accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the Rules and Article 5 of Appendix I, the Court hereby establishes a Committee of the Court. 2The members of the Committee consist of a president and at least two other members.

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Do you know how tiny Pluto appears from Earth?0. 1 arc seconds!More often times than not, the local conditions in the atmosphere determine how much you can zoom before it gets too blurry and distorted. The post, What Makes A Good Sky to Observe In?further elaborates on choosing your ideal sky and talks more about seeing conditions which is essentially how steady the air above is. Under excellent seeing conditions, you can easily still resolve details past 200 300x magnification, and on rare occasions even push beyond your telescopes limit. However, under poor conditions where the air above is very turbulent, then objects will appear like theyre under water even at low magnification. Remember how we talked about resolving power with aperture?Surely the 200 inch Hale Telescope at Mt. Palomar can resolve some details on Pluto because its resolution power is 0. 022 and should handle Plutos angular size of 0. 1 right?Nope!Most nights our atmospheric seeing limits even the best telescopes to resolving 1 across. Hypothetically, if you want to get a planet like Jupiter or Saturn to take up a large portion of your FOV, you need to go higher than 3,000x. Good luck resolving anything with that!25 30x still looks small in the FOV, but you can still start making out large features on the surface depending on the phase.

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