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4% of people report currently owning or possessing a promotional product received in the last 24 months. Speaking of staying power, hows that for determining the power of the promo gift?If you hand someone a promo gift, that person is bound to hang on to it for at least two years. At least, this is what PPAI reports. Can you think of another advertising strategy that will have the same kind of long lasting impact?89% of consumers can recall the name of the advertisers on a promotional product they received in the past 24 months. Do you want to be memorable?Are you looking to outshine your competition?According to PPAI, you could do a lot worse than hand out promo gifts to your customers. Evidently, they help for people to remember the businesses that gave them out.

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It seems like the simple solution would be to let your dog eat grass. Most domestic dogs live in environments that do not provide these essential digestive aids. Lawns, and dog parks are treated with inorganic pesticides, fertilizers, and chlorine from municipal water. These chemicals kill SBOs. Doctors know that antibiotics are toxic chemicals that kill off both the good and bad bacteria, and yet they neglect to use probiotic treatments!If this is not bad enough, the side effects of antibiotic treatment to your dog are the equivalent of being kicked in the groin. Probiotics are live organisms natural to the digestive system. SBOs are scientifically proven to resolve GI disorders and are essential to maintain intestinal balance. Since GI disorders develop as a result of bad bacteria overwhelming good probiotic bacteria, the first course of action should be to restore the balance by administering SBOs. A few doses of SBOs will quickly dispatch most cases of GI upset before you could be seen by a vet. Plus, when administering SBOs there is no need to withhold food or water!SBOs are not a prescription medication. They are available from Vitality Science on line, in a few select pet stores, and from holistic vets.

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In fact, I have not yet met one informed evolutionist who had disagreed with me concerning the relationship of evolution to these particular moral issues. They might not necessarily agree that this should have happened, but they do agree that this is the way in which people have applied evolution. It is important that you do not misunderstand what I am saying at this point. Certainly, evil, anti God philosophies existed before Darwinian evolution. People aborted babies before Darwin popularized his view of evolution. However, what people believe about where they came from does affect their worldview. When people reject the God of creation, it affects how they view themselves, others, and the world in which they live. Particularly in the Western nations, where Christian ethics were once very prevalent, Darwinian evolution provided a justification for people not to believe in God and, therefore, to do those things which Christians would deem as wrong. As one non Christian scientist said in a TV interview, Darwinian evolution helped make atheism respectable. We are now going to consider a number of areas where evolution has been used to justify peoples attitudes and actions. This does not mean that Darwinian evolution is the cause of these attitudes or actions but rather has been used by people as a justification to make their particular philosophy respectable in their eyes.

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It was the shadow of the Lotus Ghost, Axon II, as I have named him after reading DS's story on this. : anyhow, unbelievable, a nasty looking shadow, with a hideous smile to it, and teeth that seemed to have layers; two legs hung on to me, as if it was for dear life, or a matter of life. Its neck seemed to grow like a tree right into its head, which had two huge eye sockets; very little hair, high cheek bones, and a long stretched out back spine to it. I looked and looked, than named himself, Rio Romaic it echoed its name to me because I was calling it Axon II, I reasoned it got a little irritated with it, his face stretched with the breeze, and lights, ever so weighing on my forward trust. I figured if I could make it outside, the light might force the shadow to let go, and so I pulled my 170 pound body forward to the little light in the tunnel. It was a different way out I figured, different than the way I came in because more light would had been available had it been the other entrance, but it was heaven sent nonetheless. It clung onto me like andwhite on rice,' like a dog to his master, like fire on fire; then softly it spoke in a clear voice: "Thou wilt hear me cry and the winds of my cave blowing in your head forever and ever , for I am the sad and the dead Ghoul cursed to this pit until the end of time, we are a race of Lotus Demon cast throughout the universe for our corruption eons ago. You will never sleep alone, but we can become friends if you wish?" Having heard this I picked up my speed to get out into the upper world, seeing that open light head. And then I got thinking, DS was right about these creatures, they are all over the place, perhaps with different powers in different places. It has been several months now since that all happened, and the shadow remains attached to me. I know it remains unexplained, and shall after I'm gone; nature or the demons would prefer it that way at any rate.

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