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For example if your elder is walking around barefooted and they step on a splinter of wood, they may not feel that there is a splinter in the foot and it become infected. The elevated sugar level in their blood feeds the infection causing it to get worse and could get into the blood stream. We don't want that to happen, so keep those tootsies covered and protected. In the Presidential Election of 2000 my parents lived in Florida if you remember that is where we had the issue with the "hanging chads". Well, Mom took Dad to vote and he went to the booth to punch his ballot for his candidate. He stepped out from the booth and shouted to Mom that voted for them all while he was waving his ballot!Mom had to get the attendant to help Dad vote on a new ballot. They got him all fixed up and he cast a legal vote for only one candidate. So they are very willing to help your elder. You know it was funny, my Dad always used to say "Vote and Vote Often" I guess that day he did just that in the 2000 election. Gosh, I sure do miss him and his sense of humor. Last year my husband's cousin's son, Luke, died from the flu.

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2007 2009. Wiki site. ygotsky's Zone of Proximal DevelopmentThis instructional design wiki was created by the summer 2011 class of CI484 at University of Illinois Urbana as part of the Curriculum, Technology and Educational Reform CTER Master's program. Equity Theory proposes that a person's motivation is based on what he or she considers to be fair when compared to others Redmond, 2010. When applied to the workplace, Equity Theory focuses on an employee's work compensation relationship or "exchange relationship" as well as that employee's attempt to minimize any sense of unfairness that might result. Equity Theory deals with social relationships and fairness/unfairness, it is also known as The Social Comparisons Theory or Inequity Theory Gogia, 2010. Equity Theory of motivation, developed in the early 1960s by J. Stacey Adams, recognized that motivation can be affected through an individual's perception of fair treatment in social exchanges. When compared to other people, individuals want to be compensated fairly for their contributions the outcomes they experience match their inputs. A person's beliefs in regards to what is fair and what is unfair can affect their motivation, attitudes, and behaviors. Equity Theory helps explain how highly paid union workers can go on strike when no one else seems to understand why.

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As the District Court concluded:"he grant of authority to the Comptroller General was a carefully considered protection against what the House conceived to be the pro executive bias of the OMB. It is doubtful that the automatic deficit reduction process would have passed without such protection, and doubtful that the protection would have been considered present if the Comptroller General were not removable by Congress itself. " Accordingly, rather than perform the type of creative and imaginative statutory surgery urged by appellants, our holding simply permits the fallback provisions to come into play. No one can doubt that Congress and the President are confronted with fiscal and economic problems of unprecedented magnitude, but"the fact that a given law or procedure is efficient, convenient, and useful in facilitating functions of government, standing alone, will not save it if it is contrary to the Constitution. Convenience and efficiency are not the primary objectives or the hallmarks of democratic government.

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