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Of the following industries, which are perfectly competitive?For those that are not perfectly competitive, explain why. Q2. What is meant by allocative efficiency?How does a perfectly competitive firm achieve allocative efficiency?What is meant by productive efficiency?How does a perfectly competitive firm achieve productive efficiency?What is the difference between allocative efficiency and productive efficiency in a perfectly competitive market?Q3. What is an oligopoly?Give two examples of oligopolistic industries in Australia. Why would you classify these examples as oligopolies?Q4. Godrickporter and Star Connections are the only two airport shuttle and limousine rental service companies in the mid sized town of Godrick Hollow. Each firm must decide whether to increase its advertising spending to compete for customers. The following figure shows the payoff matrix for this advertising game. Godrickporter's G Choices Increase advertising budgetLeave advertising budget as isStar Connections' s ChoicesIncreasing advertising budgetG: $16,000 profitS: $8,000 profitG: $12,000 profitS: $15,000 profitLeave advertising budget as isG: $8,000 profitS: $10,000 profitG: $6,000 profitS: $12,000 profita. Is there a dominant strategy for Godrickporter and, if so, what is it?Explain. b.

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People where just walking by. Continuing with the business as usual thing. But the truth is. We cant and she knows it!Rentzhogs tweet, via the We Dont Have Time twitter account, would be the very first exposure of Thunbergs now famous school strike. Tagged in Rentzhogs lonely girl tweet were five twitter accounts: Greta Thunberg, Zero Hour youth movement, Jamie Margolin the teenage founder of Zero Hour, Al Gores Climate Reality Project, and the Peoples Climate Strike twitter account in the identical font and aesthetics as 350. org. Follow him on Twitter @DrFrankBuck. The areas of science and mathematics have traditionally been inaccessible to students with visual impairments. Complex and high tech fields such as Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Biology, and Mathematics are rife with visually presented concepts and information. Historically, this complex visual information has not been made available for widespread use in a format easily accessible to blind and visually impaired students. This lack of information, in turn, leads to decreased interest in scientific fields by the blind, and thus few visually impaired scientists exist to provide standards for imparting scientific knowledge to the blind and to serve as mentors and role models for those visually impaired students who wish to pursue careers in the sciences.

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com/gadgets/high tech gadgets/rfid. htm. Lloyds Construction is a 100 person demolition and carting firm in Eagan, Minnesota. This small, family owned business is not your typical candidate for a firm that exploits cutting edge technology. At the suggestion of the presidents 17 year old daughter, the firm switched to a smartphone system that allows for integrated data entry and communication. This system allowed the firm to reduce its routing and fuel costs by as much as 30 percent. The firm was also able to further reduce accounting and dispatch costs. On an investment of $50,000, the firm estimated that it saved $1 million in 2007. Jonathan Blum, Running an Entire Business from Smartphones: Mobile Software Helps Track Equipment, Accountsand Employee Lunch Breaks, CNNMoney. com, March 12, 2008, accessed October 7, 2011, money. cnn.

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W. Byers, Q. X. Sang2011 Putative Biomarkers and Targets of Estrogen Receptor Negative HumanBreast Cancer. Int. J. 2005. Pastoral counseling. In Dictionary of pastoral care and counseling. Nashville: Abingdon Press. Lambert, N.

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If you are unsure whether the patient has the ability to make the report themselves, you may make a voluntary report, and voluntary reporting is encouraged in all suspected cases. Further guidance may be found in the Illinois Department on Aging report, Reporting Elder Abuse: What Professionals Need to Know, available at: rotectionAdvocacy/Documents/APS ProsKnow2014 Web. pdfAs a provider of health care services required to offer such information to suspected victims of abuse, you are provided good faith immunity from civil liability for any act or omission of the agency providing those services to victims of abuse or for the inadequacy of those services provided by the agency P. A. 87 436, 1. As a medical student at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, you are a mandated reporter under the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act Ill. Rev. Stat 1985, ch. 23, pars. 2051 et seq.

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