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Instead, the board directed Superintendent Wade Smith to seek further discussion with families and students before proceeding. Poised for a return if the COVID 19 case numbers remained low, the decision had the support of three local health department professionals who attended the virtual meeting. But their endorsement was not enough to quell discomfort from rising case numbers 69 over two weeks as of Monday that put the community back toward the distance learning threshold established earlier on in the pandemic. Division among families about returning and concerns over the disruption in education to students if they have to be turned away from the buildings because of spikes also led to the postponement. We know the community is not of like mind, board member Derek Sarley said. Its half and half. Its pretty darn split. Thus either decision would be met with strong opposition, he said. Although the students and their educational, social and mental health needs are of utmost importance, Sarley said the loss of students whose parents pull them from the schools out of concern for their health also could leave the district with an unexpected loss of funding. I sure dont think we should do it tonight, and I sure dont think we should do it without more discussion in the community, Sarley said. Board President Sam Wells noted at the start of the meeting that the board had received several letters from community members on both sides of the issue, reflecting a split on the decision.

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To see growth in writing over the school year and to be able to talk about that growth with students' parents. Teachers emphasized to students that the purpose of reflection was not to develop a carefully crafted piece of writing, but to develop the capacity for metacognition. Sentence stems can stimulate reflections. Use them in conferences where reflection can be modeled, or put them on a sheet for students who choose writing to jump start their reflections. Here are examples of possible sentence stems: I selected this piece of writing because What really surprised me about this piece of writing was When I look at my other pieces of writing, this piece is different because What makes this piece of writing strong is my use of Here is one example from my writing to show you what I mean. What I want to really work on to make my writing better for a reader is Students may prefer simply to describe what is going on in the writing in their own way. When students set their goals, they will use their reflections as a basis for directing their learning journey. Students might collect work throughout the year as part of a portfolio process. Every quarter they can review the work in their collection folders and choose one or two pieces to enter into their portfolio. When they make those choices, they can take the opportunity to reflect on the reasons for their choices and to set goals for their next quarter's work. The ultimate intent of teaching reflection is to get students into the habit of reflecting on their own actions and constructing meaning from those experiences.

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