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I understand that this is a lot of information to take in, so if you have any further queries on this please contact me on 5248 1400 or at newcomb. gov. auThe Department of Education and Training DET have changed the guidelines on what the Camps, Sports and Excursion fund CSEF can be used for during Term 4 2020. CSEF funds are normally restricted to camps, sports and excursions. As there has been limited opportunity to undertake these activities this year, CSEF usage has now been expanded further to include technology devices, internet access, voluntary school charges, and text books and stationery. It may not be used for school uniforms, music lessons, formals/graduations or compulsory fees.

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In the first instance, this was pure Anunnaki lunar essence calledGold of the Gods,and it was fed to the kings and queens of the Dragon succession. Later, however, in Egypt and Mediterranea,menstrual extracts were ritually collected from sacred priestesses who were venerated as the Scarlet Women. Indeed, the very word 'ritual' stems from this practice,and from the word ritu the redness,which defined the sacred ceremony. Hormonal supplements are, of course,still used by today's organo therapy establishment,but their inherent secretionssuch as melatonin and serotonin are obtained from the desiccated glands of dead animals and they lack the truly important elements which existonly in live glandular manufacture. In the fire symbolism of ancient alchemy,the colour red is synonymous with the metal gold. In some traditions including the IndianTantras,red is also identified with black. Hence, the goddess Kali is said to be both red and black. The original heritage of Kali was,however, Sumerian,and she was said to be Kalimath,the sister of Cain's wife Luluwa. Kali was a primary princess of the Dragon house and from her Star Fire association she became the goddess of time, seasons, periods and cycles. In the early days, therefore,the metals of the alchemists were not common metals,but living essences,and the ancient mysteries were of a physical,not a metaphysical, nature. Indeed,the very word 'secret' has its origin in the hidden knowledge of glandular secretions.

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Presidential Scholars Program Teacher Recognition Award 2000 in Washington D. C. for her contributions to the arts. Renee Meiffren, one of her former students, was the only Presidential Scholar for the Arts in ballet, honored by then President Bill Clinton. Like Adams, the students who train under her are outstanding. Because of that, in 1994, the Director of the RAD invited Adams to participate in the Vocational Examiner Training Program in London. Driven by her passion, Adams agreed to go. Upon completion, she was appointed to the Board of Examiners and has been traveling to five different continents to examine ballerinas. Needless to say, Adams experience in teaching and examining is apparent. She has been through the process of all 5 RAD syllabi changes and witnessed the growth of the RAD. When youre examining, you want to put the students at ease, not scare them, Adams said.

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At the end of the day, everyone in the family needs to pull together as one team on the same side the side that keeps illnesses like diabetes and other unhealthy issues at bay. Most people groan and moan at the thought of healthy living. But it doesn't have to be such a grind. Physical exercise can be fun when done together as a group. Family members can take turns in coming up with new and interesting, but healthy recipes to cook every day. Slowly but surely, the benefits of healthy living will rub off on everyone. This is an important issue to discuss with the entire family. Having diabetes as a child is difficult, along with often painful treatment, there is often a sense of deprivation and "not being like the other kids. " A new study has found that children may lose up to an hour a day because of their diabetes. Diabetic children spend up to an hour a day managing their condition, adversely affecting their attitudes towards treatment, new Australian research shows. A study by University of Adelaide researchers tracked 160 children with chronic illnesses over two years to find out how much time it takes to do their daily treatment tasks.

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